Dry Fruits

Balaji Commodities also provide the finest dry fruits including Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Peanuts that are perfect in color and taste. Dedicated to supply the finest Dry Fruits that provide our customers with an excellent value, not at all compromising the quality of the product we are handing to our customers, our Dry Fruits are high in nutritional value and proteins with no fats at all.

Dry Dates

Balaji Commodities is the premier supplier of naturally delicious and best quality dry dates. These dates are dry and the color ranges from dark red to deep brownish or yellow. The flesh is semi-soft and carries an inedible stone. Dried dates can be eaten raw and used in a variety of products like cakes, sweets, marzipans, puddings, bread etc. Dates can even be used in cookies, ice-cream or candy bars. Dates are sometimes used to make pickles as well. There are even juices of dates that are used as a non alcoholic drink during the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Dry dates are mainly harvested in Pakistan in a very large quantity throughout Sindh and Punjab and they are also acquired from other Middle East and Far East countries. The quality and the taste of dry dates is checked and then the consignment is accepted to maintain the quality standards according to the company policy.