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Nearly a century ago, a trade was established in a very small and a remote agricultural area of Sindh called Thano Arab Khan. The trade was primarily for the nearby villages for commodities such pulses and grains. The most invigorating part of the trade cycle was the quality on which the primary trading was relying and the trade was spear-headed by his Excellency MR. Sessu Mal Manglani. Mr. Manglani never compromised on the quality that he delivered to his customers and also the quantity which was never to be questioned. The ethics of business and the honest policies and dealing methodology of Mr. Manglani made him a very household name and were given a very high prestige for carrying out the trade in such an ethical and honest manner. The services provided by Mr. Manglani were so stupendous that he gained undisputed respect and honor by the customers and also by the surrounded dealers.

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